Andrew Mosedale is a research scientist/computer technician with a B.S degree in Hydrology from the University of New Hampshire.  He is the owner of HACS, Hand Andy Computer Services providing computer support to many local clients from Lebanon, NH, to Peacham, VT.

Recently Andy, has been maintaining and servicing computers, and their peripheral devices, on multiple small networks.  Andrew has a complete understanding of troubleshooting and maintaining various operating and computing systems, such as: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple OS.  If he uncovers a big unknown, he will work with you, as well as other professionals, to resolve the problem.

As a research technician and lab manager at the University of New Hampshire’s Trace Gas Biogeochemistry Group, he became familiar with the instrumentation needed to measure and record time series environmental data in remote settings, such as Northern Canada, Costa Rica and Brazil.  Andy’s varied experiences exposed him to a myriad of computer hardware and software uses. He is well-versed with how these items change in the industry and in combination with other devices.  Andy has co-authored two papers in Hydrological Process and Global Biogeochemical Cycles as well as participated in various poster presentations on GIS mapping and carbon budgets of temperate peatlands. He has participated in many technology and computer training courses which have added to his understanding of logical systems and how they may be maintained or remediated.

Having worked with other scientist, students, and technicians, Andy believes that the process of measurement and systematic problem solving can result in a gratifying understanding of both the scientific and information technology realm.  Andrew loves combining technology and science.  This is exemplified in his work with the Northern Skies Observatory in Peacham, VT.  Andy focuses on the ‘excitement of scientific instrumentation and learning’ and enables amazing opportunities for individuals to synthesize the scientific puzzles that they have been presented.